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HEY i am here with a new blog about my 20% project and i am going to talk about what i accomplished this week,  how are we felling about our elevator video, what are dead line for our next accomplishments for the next weeks, and what are the issues we are having and how will we solve them. So first i will talk about what i accomplished this week is that we almost have are video for are  elevator pitch and if you don’t now what it is i will tell you about next. So now i will tell you how i feel and also tell you about the elevator pitch, so first i feel about the elevator pitch really good about it because it is fun and i like and i mean very like making videos, and now to explain what it is well it is where we pretend that a person who can help us on our project. Now i will talk about what problem we are having it s that we still are having trouble recording our video, and we will solve this problem by trying to record at his or my house. And that is all for this week BYE!!!


Stuck in an elevator

For days, weeks I have been working on one thing with my partner in class for our 20%, and now it is finally done.  The ELEVATOR PITCH i have blogged about it for weeks and weeks now people probably got bored of me only talking about how the video is going and other stuff, now people wont get bored because i finished my video. The video will be about what our idea is for our 20% is (begging), then we talk about what we need from our mentor and also why we choose elders (1st middle paragraph), and then what are plan of how we are going to do this (2nd middle paragraph), and at the end we will summarize all about what we need and then we will say our tagline which i will let  you know if you watch the video. Now what else can i tell you dear reader oh i think i know i will tell you that me and my partner are going to go to the elders house soon to which is very exiting for me and Spencer. And now i will not waste your time so ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!


Coming to an end soon

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So my people you might say why did i title this blog today ¨Coming to an end soon” well because all the months we have worked on our 20% project is coming close to an end.  So let me start off by saying what was the most rewarding part of this very big project? Well it is hard to say it since I think all of this was rewarding, but for me and my partner Spencer i have to say was that when we teaching the elders how to play video games. You might ask why this part well because the some of the elders tried the games the enjoyed them and then said “You no what, I guess these games are not so bad.” that was the part that made me happy and think i have accomplished something and helped some one. And that was what in my opinion the most rewarding pat of this project.

The finale details we have to wrap up with my partner is we need to start working on our ted talks and to finish organizing our data were we summarize how far the elders have gotten. OH I almost forgot you are probably asking what the ted talks are well the ted talks are speeches me and my partner talk about what we have done in the project. For example we will talk about what we have done to help the elders and what we have accomplished, and that is basically that is what all the ted talks are about.




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GOOD MORNING TO YA ALL I am here to say happy saint Patrick’s day and i will teach you something about it to I will tell you why do we wear green on Saint Patrick’s day. Now I will say just for your safety wear green because you will get PINCHED a lot so please read this, you might now ask why we wear green well because Irish land is called the ¨The Emerald Isle”they call it that because Ireland is very very green but originally they used blue before green but then they realized green was more poplar so they started to use that color instead. And that is one fact i got to say so BYE TO YOU ALL AND HAVE A WONDERFUL SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!!

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Hi my name is Nicolas like always and I want to talk to you about my 20% project. So to start things off i what have I accomplished this week well me and my partner Spencer are now going to start recording our videos on our elevator pitch that we were working on for weeks and that is all that we have to do this week. Next how am I feeling about this project now well I feel about it that it is fun to teach elders and all that it is just that is very very hard to find some type of mentor who will help us. And now i what to tell you what are elevator pitch video is all about well when we were making an outline for our script which we will use then after to record our video. Our next deadline we want to accomplish is that we want to now go to the elders home and start teaching them the basics of video games and how to even use the controllers and to show them how me and my partner play the video games so that the next time we come they know what to do. We are having only one issue right is that we still cant find are mentor and we are thinking about how to solve this problem is that we will send a lot and a lot of email. And that is all for today BYE!!!

20% project

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Hello today in this blog i will talk again about the 20% project with me and my partner Spencer. All we did for the week or finished is that we finally got our elevator pitch done which is very good news but  we are running out of time to finished our script for the elevator pitch because what we finished was the outline but now we have to make the real one. And i think i will solve this problem by working for a very very long time and maybe the next day Mrs.Ives will approve and we will get the reward which is we will go outside instead of class and we really want to go outside and so we hope we will. And that is all for now i have to say what is going on in our 20% project and i hope  i will keep up with my blogs and for now BYE!!!

Blog 3 20% project

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Hi today in my blog i will continue talking about my 20% project nothing happens to serious during the project but we are right now working on a video know as the elevator pitch and it is about us pretending or using our IMAGINATION and by that i mean is we need to make a video saying that people would make a video making people like our idea and that is all that is happening. I am feeling pretty well about this project because we get to work and talk with our partner and work on something that is something outside school like what we are doing is teaching elders how to play video games and some over people last year did teaching elders Facebook and that why i like this project.

20% Project blog

Hi and welcome back to 2017!!! and now I am going to hopefully going to back in to blogging. So what do you remember from my first 20%  project? If you thought that me and my partner were doing pugs breathing problems you were correct, but we kind of changed our idea about that we decided to do teaching elders how to play video games. And that is all I got to say what happened to us during the weeks also we ran into some problems and have a minor solution to it, the problem is that when we contacted our mentor we still did not get a response which led us into some problems. But then earlier Today my partner told me that his mom’s friend might help us on our project which will hopefully help our problems. Me and my partner like this project because we get to teach other people who are older then us and we get to tell them what to do and not to do which is kind of funny at the same time. We have our timeline/deadline arranged and hopefully we will get this accomplied by the end of the year. That’s all for now I have to say is by and don’t forget to comment by.

My 20% Project, Pug Breathing Problems

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What did I accomplished this week is that on my 20% project. First accomplishment is that I found what I am going to write about, and that I am almost about to finish my outline with my partner. And if you don’t know what this paper is about let me tell you what it is, its a paper were I prepare for my speech, and what we are going to do. Let me tell you about my project, it’s about pugs all over the world that have a breathing problem, which you think is a stupid idea, well let me tell you why it is not. First of pugs are the most coolest dogs ever, Second pugs are worlds best pet, And finally they have a small brain so they have no clue what they are doing. And because of some of the reasons why we should help these poor awesome creatures.Me and my partner Spencer (here is his link Spencers blog) we are working on are outline for our 20% project. And if I forgot to type what it is well it is a program that takes 20% of your time away from you for example how we are doing it is every Friday we get are teachers Mrs.Croft and Mrs.Ives classes together and work on it. What we thinking on doing after the outline is that me and my partner will get a breathing machine and design it a little bit that it will be just great for pugs. And after that we will try to get some one from the animal shelter to come and bring  pug that has not big, but has it a little bit of breathing problems. And after we test it we would put all of our data on a power point. And maybe we if we can or would have enough time we would make a video out of that.Me and my partner have ran into one problem and the problem is that we can not find any dog shelter that can help us or any pug. But for the rest we don’t have any problems. We will fix this problem buy asking his mom for help because his mom knows some people who work at animal shelters.

My Opinions

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Hi my name is Nicolas, and let me tell you about my opinions on my Favorite stuff, My favorite science topic, and last is Travel  and know you can read about my opinions on these topics.

Favorite-This is my first topic is what my favorite thing is and it is gaming. I know I talked about Minecraft and Roblox, and so I thought to my self and so I picked Over-Watch. Know if you don’t know what Over-Watch is yet well let me tell you about it. Well for starters there are heroes you pick and if you don’t know any heroes here is the list of them Heroes of Over-Watch. And after reading or at least looking at the characters you will get the idea which one is the best, but just to tell you my favorite character is Bastion.

Science-Know I want to tell you about science. My favorite topic about science is astronomy, you may be thinking why I like astronomy well because astronomy is about science of every single thing in space. If you still don’t understand here let me explain to you. So for example there is a planet called Mars and so astronomy will tell more about Mars. And some space exploration teams you can look up is NASA the most biggest space and astronomy. But you might not find too much information on Saturn, because we din’t travel there yet. But that is why we build space drones.

Travel-And for my last topic I will tell you were I have traveled to. So first place I went to was Russia I traveled there because My grand parents live there. And if you don’t know how Russia looks like here is link to a map of Russia, Russian Map. Another place I have traveled to is South Carolina is Myrtle Beach. I went there many times for vocation because first it is warm, and there is a beach there.

And those are some of my Opinions and if you want to tell me your Opinions comment down below and for bey.